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Thom Yorke is a ginger god of love

Things Not To Do When You Are Severely Depressed:
1) Drink loads of alcohol
2) Go to a Radiohead gig.
Well, one of my wishes came true: the 'Head did play a blinder. Paul would have loved it. So would Clare and I wish she'd been there. I cried a lot, mainly during Street Spirit and Karma Police. Thom is really small and cute, like a baby fox, and didn't say much apart from "Thank you" and "Shut up!" They didn't do Creep, thank god. I only knew about half the stuff, but I may get Hail To The Thief and I definitely want OK Computer. Idioteque, Paranoid Android, Exit Music, Street Spirit and the classic singalong Karma Police were all wicked. Ed O'Brien needs to sing more and I think Phil Selway had been polishing his head. As for Asian Dub Foundation, they were brilliant, Rafi's Revenge might worm its way onto the Christmas list (Cave In and Trousersnake are already there). They dedicated a song to everyone on the Bush protest, which made me feel marginally better. I will sum this up in the Gig Guide.
As I type this, I am talking to Paul. How weird is that? I'm speaking to Chester's very own Thom Yorke, except he's taller and has worse teeth. Only kidding, Takesy, if you're reading this, which I suspect you aren't. He is cheering me up as we are comparing our protest experiences.
10 Songs To Listen To When Yr Boyfriend Has Dumped You, You Have Self-Harmed And You Feel Like Shite:
1) Angels Fuck - Jack Off Jill
2) Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
3) PLUCK - System Of A Down
4) 4st 7lb - Manics
5) That's All Folks - Catatonia
6) Rape Me - Nirvana
7) Then There Was One - Melys
8) Fighter - Christina Aguilera
9) Doll Parts - Hole
10) Street Spirit - Radiohead
I am not promoting self-harm. It is a stupid thing to do. Then again, I am fucking stupid.
I am going home tomorrow. I need to get away from here.
WHO: Radiohead
WHERE: Manchester MEN Arena
WHEN: 22nd November 2003
WITH: Was going to be Owen, but as he dumped me, no-one
SUPPORT: Asian Dub Foundation
SET: Bright Matrix-style light effects on the backdrop
BEST SONG: Street Spirit
BEST BITS: Thom's dancing; when everyone sang along to the a cappella bit in Karma Police; Ed singing; Thom telling an annoying twat in the audience to shut up during Exit Music
WORST BIT: One of the techno tracks from Kid A was a bit shit (not Idioteque, obviously, I love that song), and I would have enjoyed the gig more if I hadn't been dumped
COOLEST PERSON: The ginger god of love himself. He was really quiet between songs, apart from when he started rabbiting on about remembering stuff before Karma Police
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN? Why not? Hopefully with a bigger fan like Paul or Clare