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This just goes to show how bored I am

x. What does your name mean? It's the female version of Charles, which means 'manly'
x. How old are you? 19
x. How old are you mentally? 13
x. Describe yourself in 5 words: Short, angry, neurotic, cynical and miserable
x. What are your best qualities: I'm loyal and honest. And I give good head
x. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About ten minutes, more if I am washing my hair

x. Do you dream at night? Usually
x. Do you remember your dreams? Yes, I should really write them down as witches are supposed to be into dream analysis
x. Describe one: Paul Tacon and me were in a club and he gave me ecstasy and we got arrested. Paul doesn't do pills, so god knows why he was in it
x. What time do you go to bed usually? Midnight
x. What time do you wake up normally? 9:00 or 8:00 if I have lectures
x. What time do you wake up on weekends? 9:00, because I'm on the Pill and have to take it at 10am
x. Do you find waking-up late nice or annoying? Annoying
x. Do you sleep with one pillow or two? One

x. Do you like school? Not really. Uni is better
x. Why/why not? 1)My English Language teacher was a cunt 2) So was my Music teacher 3) I got bullied 4) It was boring
x. What's your favorite subject? German
x. Most hated subject? Physics
x. Do you have a favorite teacher? My German teacher in school, my German Language teacher or my German Oral teacher in uni
x. Ever had a crush on a teacher? Hell no
x. Are you a maths/science person or an english/drama person? A languagey person

x. Do you have heaps of friends? A few close ones
x. Do you have a best friend? Yes - it's a toss up between Owen and Rob
x. Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? Marginally more women, but I like being with men
x. Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? Rob pissed me off with his stance on the war, also because of his attitude to religion - one minute he was taking the piss out of Christians, then he becomes one! Helen's drug habits annoy me and I worry about Jo getting ill. Chloe and Gina have never pissed me off, though
x. Have you ever lied to a friend? I don't do lying
x. Have you ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend? I would never, ever, ever do that to anyone

x. Do you like your parents? Me and my stepdad get on OK but we have a lot of differences. I love my mum to bits. I wasn't that close to her when my dad was a live but I've become more so - I'm a lot like her in some ways!
x. Ever run away from home? No
x. Ever thought about it? Yes, but I was too wussy to do it
x. Do you have any siblings? Four - three are my stepdad's kids
x. If so, do you like or get annoyed with them? I'm too scared of my oldest stepsister to get annoyed with her. My stepbrother is really sweet. My other stepsister - let's not go there. My brother is nice sometimes, annoying others. His girlfriend is cool though, I can't believe I used to hate her
x. How old are they? 17, 22, 26 and 28
x. If not, do you mind being an only child? I think I'd be bored, it's nice having a brother sometimes
x. Do you feel your parents spoil you? Apart from the fact I get a pension, and that's only because my dad died, no. My mum's pretty strict. She's quite liberal about sex though, although if Jack got Emily up the duff, likewise me and Owen, she'd be furious
x. Do you not get along with any of your family? A few of my stepfamily disapprove of me
x. Do you have big family get togethers ever? Only at Christmas and special birthdays

x. Do you have a religion? Wicca
x. Do you practice it i.e go to church? I don't do spellwork so much, mainly cos it's hard to concentrate in a hall of residence and also cos we're not allowed candles here. I do make sure I carry out Sabbat rituals. Hopefully Owen and me will be together for Beltane, nudge nudge wink wink
x. Do you believe in God? No
x. Satan? I might be a witch but I don't worship Satan. That's bollocks
x. Heaven? There has to be something up there
x. Hell? No. This is Owen territory (he's Catholic)
x. If you die tomorrow what do you think will happen? I'll finally get to see my dad again. Maybe meet Kirsty MacColl or Ian Curtis. I like Alice Sebold's idea of heaven in The Lovely Bones, where everyone has their own heaven but all the heavens overlap
x. Does death scare you? A bit, but it has to happen one day

x. Stolen? Only from Jack
x. Shoplifted? No
x. Tried to commit suicide? Yes
x. Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? No way
x. Gotten into a fight? Only with my brother. Got into plenty of arguments and plenty of internet fights, but they mean nothing to me, apart from the one with Dave, which was personal, and the recent one with Franny, which hurt a lot
x. Are you more innocent or guilty? Both
x. Would you date a drug addict? Depends what drugs. Weed, yes. One of my exes is a stoner. Speed, yes. Acid, no, I'd be scared. Pills, no. Heroin or coke - FUCK OFF.
x. Have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict? No, and I don't want to
x. Are you racist? No
x. Are you discriminatory to anyone? Probably subconsciously
x. Have you been a hypocrite in the past? Yes, everyone is hypocritical at some point
x. Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? Closed, but I am trying to work on it

x. Do you watch tons of tv? A bit more than I did at home, but not really
x. How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? 4
x. Do you listen to the radio often? No because the reception in here is crap
x. Do you read the newspaper? Yes
x. Do you read magazines? Yes
x. Are you a couch potato? Not really
x. Do you use the internet too much? I go on Hole.com a lot but that's it

x. Whats your favorite style of music? Rock
x. Do you play an instrument? Drums, piano, keyboard and guitar
x. Do you sing? Yes
x. Whats your favourite bands? System Of A Down, and I am really into Rage at the moment
x. Why? The tunes, the lyrics and the beards
x. Have you met them before? I've met Space. Yorkie three times, Tommy twice, the others once. And Franny was surprisingly really sweet in real life, that's why his nastiness got to me so much
x. Name 3 Cd's that you've bought in the last year: One Beat - Sleater-Kinney; Stripped - Christina Aguilera; Fever In Fever Out - Luscious Jackson
x. Why did you buy them? Because I like them

x. How do you feel right now? Tired
x.What are you going to do after this? Go and talk to my flatmates and see what weird crap they're watching on TV
x. Tomorrow? Homework, arsing around, going to see Radiohead
x. Anything special/exciting coming up? Radiohead! And possibly the Suffrajets!
x. Hate? Bush
x. Love? OWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x. Wish? Israel and Palestine would quit it, Bush would stop giving Sharon a hand, the Palestinians got their own state

When I can be arsed, I will write about the protests. All I can say for now is, I am beginning to have second thoughts after reading an Iraqi man's blog in which he slagged off everyone on the protests, saying he hated us and that we owe him an apology, calling us 'little shits' and 'trendies' who had no clue how life was under Saddam. Oh of course we're Saddam supporters - HOW FUCKING LAME. I DO NOT SUPPORT TERRORIST REGIMES! But I did not like the way that Bush and Blair handled the situation. They are only acting out of their own interests. Hey Iraqis - BUSH DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. Will the blogger be hating on us next year when the USA has failed to salvage Iraq? Who knows? They haven't done a good job so far.
But I'm not totally pro-war, so if you are reading this, Rob, go suck a fuck.
I may give up on politics. I am so sick of being called a terrorist, a communist, a fascist, a coward, a little shit, an idiot, a stupid liberal, a loony lefty...I protested against Bush because of the way he acted over the Kyoto treaty; his continued licking of Israel's arse; his proposal to ban abortion; the Iraq war (maybe I would have supported if it was purely for humanitarian reasons, but it wasn't); the fact that he shouldn't even BE President.


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Nov. 24th, 2003 04:20 pm (UTC)
"Oh of course we're Saddam supporters - HOW FUCKING LAME. I DO NOT SUPPORT TERRORIST REGIMES!"

Contrary to popular belief, Saddam Hussein's Iraq wasn't a terrorist regime, and he certainly didn't support Islamic terrorist groups - he was under as much a threat from them as America were.

And by the way, I DO support terrorist regimes. More than I support democratic regimes, at least.
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