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This is for Chantal and Katy

WARNING: this contains rantage about Space. So only read this if you like them. It's taken off my site and is a response to Franny, the keyboard player, writing arsey comments about me.

This was originally going to be a page devoted to Franny, but I changed my mind, because of this comment Franny posted on the official site:
somone who actually gets the point for a change
did we also forget to mention we put the same amout of work in to this track as we do any other space track .
p.s. is it not free ? (note copious amount of mistakes!)

And later:

why take time out to diss somthing when it;s free .
this i dont understand....
the work we put into a song is equal to other space songs ,the point im making is we dont just give you wot's left over in the space bin.
some people are just so ungratefull .

Franny was referring to Part 5 of the Music For Aliens series, entitled 'Now I'm History!' A couple of people on the site, including me, posted that they - oh horror of horrors - DIDN'T LIKE IT. So what does Franny do? He throws a hissyfit at us. The people who bought his band's records, went to see them in concert, wrote fanzines about them, dedicated websites to them...in short, the people who put him where he is today. Without us, the fans, Franny would not own his Playstation 2, his big house, his swanky Mercedes with its personalised numberplate (talk about throwing your money away!), his wide-screen TV or his designer clothes. He would be poor. He would be jobbing around Liverpool in a tiny little band that nobody likes.

Now I like Space as much as the next person. But I am getting sick and tired of their bullshit. Every time a piece of news appears on the official site about this or that record deal, and how the new album is coming out, does Suburban Rock 'n' Roll get released?


I accept Space had problems with Gut. I accept it's hard for them to get a record deal. I accept they're frustrated. How do they think we feel? Endless promises and no delivery. The same old promises, month in, month out. And then in his interview Franny says "Imagine how we feel..." like we're being ungrateful for complaining about Space's broken promises. Well, you've written all the fucking songs, they're recorded, they have been recorded for over a year. WHERE ARE THEY?! Lindz wasn't joking when she said "There is no album is there?" You talk about this album, but where the fuck is it, Space? Can we have some proof? Like releasing it...oh wait, you're having record company problems! Well, why give us dates, then? Why say "It'll be out in February" when it's nowhere near being released? Can't you be honest and say "We're not going to be releasing it for ages, we're having problems, we don't know for sure when it's coming out but we'll let you know when it's definite." (Note I said DEFINITE.)

Now, Franny's quote:
- "somone who actually gets the point for a change" - the point? What point? That Music For Aliens doesn't fit on any album and therefore we should accept it, and like the songs however shit they are? Balls. If a song is shit, it is shit, point or no point.
- "did we also forget to mention we put the same amout of work in to this track as we do any other space track ." - well, yes, actually, you did. But it doesn't seem like it. The song is poor. It has no tune. The vocals are awful. It's boring. It barely has any dynamic variety. I like my bands to write interesting songs. Here's a tip, Franny, why don't you buy a Tool album? They know how to keep their songs interesting and they put some real hard work in. Quite frankly, that song doesn't sound like you've put ANY work into it. You put more effort into Female Of The Species or your own Fran In Japan.
- "p.s. is it not free ?" - like, oh my god. It's FREE and we should be so grateful to Space for providing us with this song for NOTHING! Well yes, Music For Aliens is good generally. But this song is shit. You act as though we should forget this and praise you to the skies. How much it costs does not correlate with the quality of the song. It's still shit.
- "why take time out to diss somthing when it;s free .this i dont understand...." - why take time out to bitch and moan at your fans? So what if it's bloody free? Come on, Franny. See above point. Something has an 'e' in it, by the way.
- "the work we put into a song is equal to other space songs ,the point im making is we dont just give you wot's left over in the space bin." - honestly, does this guy have no logical thought process mechanisms? This song might as well have been left in the Space bin. Because it's shit and lazy. See above points.
- "some people are just so ungratefull ." - you sound like a whining bitch. "Oh how dare you criticise our song! Some fans you are! Never mind that you go to our gigs and have all our CDs, I don't want you as fans cos you don't like one song!" No, Franny, YOU are ungrateful for having the nerve to diss the people who made you rich. You sound like Violet Elizabeth Bott. Next you'll be threatening to "thcweam and thcweam until I'm thick". Never mind that people actually LIKE the song - Marc and Smeg, for instance - indeed, the other stuff in the series. Honestly, what does it take to please you? Have you read the NINE PAGE thread devoted to you, as well as the countless threads praising Space's albums, Music For Aliens and gigs? Shall we all prostrate ourselves before you at the next gig and make you offerings of flowers and fruit before carrying you off to your bath of asses' milk?
Franny, please learn to take criticism. It's part of being in a band, and you're going to have to accept that we don't all like everything you do. Some people think you're the worst songwriter in Space and hate all the dance stuff. Others don't like Jamie's stuff. I don't like some of Space's B-sides, and a lot of people think Tin Planet is awful. You are not perfect. Get over yourself. Every band does shit songs. Even System Of A Down, who replaced Space as my favourite band, have done some shit songs. 36 and Jet Pilot are utter bilge. But I still love System. My mate Paul, who loves System, has slagged off half of Toxicity, but he still loves them. And I still love Space. But you lack something. It isn't Jamie - your stuff at the Unity was fantastic. You just lack a certain ich weiss nicht. And face it, constantly letting fans down is making them go off you. You have lost so many fans. Even the most hardcore of guestbook posters are moving on. Space used to fill big venues, but you can't even fill little venues like the Life Cafe. Since 2000 you have been letting us down. It is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And you playing the diva, and throwing a little temper tantrum because some of us don't like ONE LITTLE SONG, is pathetic. I admired you a lot. I used to turn to Space when I was down, because your albums would always cheer me up and I felt for Tommy about his dad dying, because the same happened to me and that is one reason why I love Avenging Angels so much. And you are the one I like the most. I started the thread on you. Call it arse-kissing but it's pure admiration. I wanted to be a keyboard player because of you. And that is why I'm so fucking angry with you personally, Franny. Because it hurts when one of your heroes criticises you over a stupid thing like that. Carry on like that, and you will lose all your fans that you have not yet already lost.

Space, your time is up.



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Nov. 11th, 2003 10:42 pm (UTC)
*stands up and applauds*

this is exactly what i felt when i read the thread.
i don't think they've lost me as a fan, i just think i've moved on a bit, but i'm still a fan of theirs and i still want to follow them, so I was very shocked when Chantal let me know that Franny was being arsey AND then even more shocked when she told me it was in retaliation to something you said.
they're definitely not doing enough to promote themselves.
Nov. 12th, 2003 08:59 am (UTC)
*claps as well*

Totally agree! It's been soooooo long since they actually released an album that they should be very pleased and grateful that they still have the hardcore fans they do. I thought they were and maybe they are but was very shocked when Franny reacted the way he did. I know it can't be easy to hear criticism of a song of yours but criticism can be useful and his argument against it was rather lame!

Space will always be one of my fave bands and I'll always be interested in what they're doing and will buy their music (if it's released!) no matter what, but they're not as important to me as they used to be. They used to be my 2nd fave band (after Catatonia) but now they'd actually struggle to be in my top 10 which is a shame but I just don't tend to listen to them much anymore. I've really enjoyed Music For Aliens generally and do listen to most of them quite a bit but wasn't impressed with '...Now I'm History'. I'd downloaded quite a few other songs through kazaa the day I downloaded that and I posted a thread on the catforum where I was recommending to others the best songs I'd downloaded. I listened to all the songs and posted the titles of the ones I thought were impressive and was most disappointed when the Space one didn't measure up to the ones by random bands I'd downloaded and I didn't feel I could recommend it to others.

I haven't totally lost faith in the band but I do need a bit of convincing now as to whether the album will be released and if it will be as good as they seem to think it is. Tis a shame.
Nov. 12th, 2003 09:04 am (UTC)
"He would be jobbing around Liverpool in a tiny little band that nobody likes."

But... he is.

Your post was a very good argument though, which was just long enough to make me skip the middle bit to get to the conclusion.
Nov. 12th, 2003 03:46 pm (UTC)
Haz is right
I have just realised Franny IS in a band no-one likes. Which is another reason for him not to play the diva.
The link to my journal is in my sig and I know he won't but I hope Franny reads this, I really do. And if he EVER makes such nasty comments to me again, I will get angry. He owes me an apology.
He was also really nasty to PabUK for agreeing with me. The two of us were pretty upset.
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