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Jeffrey Dahmer
Hey why am I always delivering whitegoods to this
flat man? I'm not kidding its like a fridge and
freezer showroom at your place, gee you must
eat a lot of microwave tv-dinners! You are the
king creep. I spose we should have seen it
coming when you started performing cruel and
unusual experiments on household pets, no, the
dog didn't want to have its head impaled on a
spike. Youre apartment stinks man, and I dont
think its cum and poo either, no its human
lasagne. Why did the baking soda I borrowed off
you last week smell like the boiled head of a
Cambodian teenager? Why do people leave youre
home at all hours dazed, confused and wearing
handcuffs? Quick go home I think someone is
coming off the drug you gave them, better hope
you locked up properly dude!

Are you a creep?
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