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Lotte is in a bad mood

There's a march on Sunday against top up fees and two of my flatmates AND Takesy are going and I can't. Bugger. Bugger bugger bugger. But it's Vicky's birthday tonight so there's a silver lining in the cloud.
I have a ring in my nose now. Am getting navel pierced. Mum isn't bothered, but if I get my lip done she will quite possibly kill me. Damn parents! Am also getting tattoo when I have money, on my hip but don't know what of, was going to get hammer and sickle but Vicky talked me out of it! One thing is for certain; I am not getting Bart Simpson!
SFA rocked, but they didn't do my favourite song by them (If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You)! Or The International Language Of Screaming! CURSES! But at least they did Hermann Loves Pauline, Northern Lites, Demons and The Man Don't Give A Fuck, plus we got to watch Gruff dressing up as a Power Ranger and eating celery during Receptacle For The Respectable. SFA had one of the worst moshpits I've ever been in, I felt sick during The Man Don't Give A Fuck and couldn't breathe and had to get out fast. I felt so pathetic. Speaking of pathetic, half of Flat 32 thought it would be funny to ring everyone's doorbells and bang on people's doors with sticks. I'd been out with Joe and others and was really knackered and got back at 2am to be woken up by squealing girls and someone ringing our bell constantly. Lorraine got mad and told them to shut up but they kept on doing it and then they whacked our door with a stick. I was close to tears at this point. Then the next thing I heard was an extremely angry Tori yelling "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BANGING ON OUR FUCKING BLOODY DOOR?!!" They stopped after that. Our flat and Flat 34 were furious with them. Idiots. Megan wasn't involved, neither was Emily, Matt or Ben but they're all too nice to do shit like that. Apparently Jo was the worst one. She's been arsey with us from Day 1, at least Becky actually talked to me when I went in their flat but Jo just gave me a dirty look. Miriam came up with the best Anti Flat 32 tactic: ignore them. But if this happens again, something will have to be done. Bastards.
In other news: Rob got laid in Fresher's Week (good! GO ON MY SON!!); my flat went bowling with most of Flat 32 and I came 4th (good); I don't think Sean wants to have sex with me again (bad); George Dubya is coming to Britain (bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad).
WHO: Super Furry Animals
WHERE: Manchester Academy
WHEN: 22nd October 2003
WITH: I was going to go with Steve, but he left it too late to get his ticket, the idiot. So no-one
SUPPORT: Dead Meadow
SET: There were a few cardboard Pete Fowler artworks here and there
BEST SONG: Northern Lites or Run Christian Run
BEST BITS: When the band all dressed up as furry things for The Man Don't Give A Fuck; Gruff wearing a Power Rangers helmet; someone near me throwing celery onto the stage and Gruff eating it into the mic, Paul McCartney-style, during Receptacle For The Respectable
WORST BITS: Apart from having a panic attack in the pit, the fact that they did neither The International Language Of Screaming nor If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You. On the plus side, regarding old stuff, they did do Hermann Loves Pauline and Demons
COOLEST PERSON: Gruff - I know I nearly always put the singer in this bit, but you have to respect the guy for eating celery into his mic and just generally acting like a hairy Welsh stoner

WHO: Lostprophets
WHERE: Manchester Academy 3 in the Union
WHEN: 27th October 2003
WITH: Megan
SUPPORT: Some emo-ish band whose name I never found out
SET: None, but it is a tiny venue
BEST SONG: Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja
BEST BITS: When the support band came on at the end and did a song with Lostprophets; whenever people came up onstage and danced with the band (the band didn't mind and actually let people dance with them); Stu playing Happy Birthday to someone in the audience
WORST BIT: Where the bloody hell was Kobrakai?
COOLEST PERSON: Stu Richardson - him and Ian arsed around continually between songs and he danced like a nutter. Also, big up to Ian for being so nice to the fans - it's good to see such a big band being so down to earth. Space should learn from them
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN? Yes - you owe me a festival, guys


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Oct. 24th, 2003 08:00 pm (UTC)
god people can be CUNTS, i've had the whole knocking on doors and running away as well, grrr!

how come you think sean doesn't want to have sex again?
Oct. 26th, 2003 12:01 pm (UTC)
I found out from Megan last night when she was in our flat. Oh and Imet this nice Irish guy called Owen who's a socialist and likes Rage but I don't know if anything will happen. How is uni btw?
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