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Feb. 22nd, 2003

I am tired. And emotional. Everyone seems to be in couples except me. This is an exaggeration, I know. But it seems wherever I go there's a boy and a girl holding hands, giving each other the tongue and being all lovey dovey. It makes me sick.
I'm not bitter at all, am I?
I'm seriously considering getting my clitoris pierced. Janet Jackson said her piercing was like an orgasm, but then again Janet Jackson can afford to get her clit done at a more expensive place than the Golden Dragon Clinic! It costs 40 quid and I'm jobless so a bit short on the money front. Hmmm...
I have a good idea for a bootleg: RATM's Sleep Now In The Fire mixed with Sugababes' Angels With Dirty Faces. I tried singing the Sugababes lyrics to RATM and it worked! Good job Takesy's not reading this. I can't imagine him liking it somehow.