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It's been a while...

I haven't written on this for ages, what with uni and whatnot. I can't be arsed writing about everything that's happened so here are the edited highlights:
- I'm going to see Lostprophets and Super Furry Animals.
- I found out that Rob is working in a club in Newcastle doing promo and may get to meet Sugababes. Bastard.
- I got off with Vicky in Man Met student union.
- I'm in Socialist Worker Student Society, despite Paul's advice, Che Leila, Friends of Palestine, Stop The War Coalition, Students Assembly Against Racism (leafleted in Burnley with them), HARM (rock society), LesBiGay and German Society soon as well.
- I got extremely wasted in Freshers' Week.
- I got laid last week. Duncan got laid on Wednesday when he met some girl called Jill outside of M2.
My flatmates are:
- Tori: Nigerian, doing Chemistry, in Christian Union. Has amazing voice. Likes r'n'b and, erm, Tom Jones. Is probably the nicest out of all the flatmates. Is saving herself for marriage. Drinks a lot of Baileys. Single.
- Joe: from Bristol, doing English and Drama. Gay. Was the first one I met - Mum likes him. Got lead role in As You Like It. Introduced our flat to a lot of weird drinking games. Likes female singer songwriters, r'n'b and dance. But not stereotypical gay crap like Steps, thank god. Single.
- Birgall: from Stoke, doing Physics (nutter). His real name is Richard. Likes Scrubs, a lot. Provided flat with Megadrive. Goes caving a lot. Is probably the one I get on best with out of all the males. Eats a lot of pies. Likes all kinds of music. Single.
- Ange: from a farm in the Lake District, doing Geochemistry. Is the tidiest in the house, along with Joe. Does a lot of martial arts, so hopefully I will not get in a fight with her. Likes all kind of music. Has gorgeous boyfriend, Faresh.
- Miriam: from London, doing Economics and History. Jewish. Is the best cook in the house. Is also the only flatmate who swears as much as me. Smokes weed a lot. Reads Guardian (yaaaaaaaaay!!!) and likes Michael Moore. Likes r'n'b and hip-hop. Has boyfriend, Jake.
- Steve: from Hertfordshire, doing Economics and History. Jewish. Has love-hate relationship with me. Has Jack-sized record collection. Is untidiest person in the house and drives Ange nuts. Doesn't like going the launderette. Likes indie and jazz. Single, amazingly.
- Duncan: Swiss, doing Physics at UMIST. Ginger (or is he? Duncan's hair colour is the subject of a lot of debates) Plays football. Eats a lot of pizza. Is the oldest person in the house. Is a bit of a stud. Likes metal and punk (he's into Tool, RATM, Boy Sets Fire, QOTSA...in short has best music taste and is the only one likely to go to Jillys). Has sexy German accent, even more so when drunk. Single.
The other flats:
- Flat 34 are all female and the majority are too busy staying in with their boyfriends to have a good time. Michelle (Genetics, is a total capitalist but nice), Annie (another drama queen) and Lorraine (fellow Spanish student from Liverpool, and she supports Everton - thank god) have been adopted by our flat.
- Flat 35 are a bit arsey and when we went there in Freshers' Week they drank nearly all my Baileys, the cheeky fuckers. They also keep setting the fire alarm off. Some of the guys - Phil, Martin (even if he does like feeling girls' arses) and Jack - are nice but the girls don't like us, particularly the annoying blonde one, thanks to Joe and Ange playing a trick on her.
- Flat 32 are insane. They like throwing eggs at people and doing weird things with trolleys. Flatmates are: Dave (Essex boy, is the trolley dude), Matt (weird hair), Ben (Tori fancies him), Sean (in Socialist Students, likes Space, has obscene pair of shorts and I, erm, had sex with him last week. My flatmates think this is hilarious), Megan (going to Lostprophets with her), Emily (looks like Jack's girlfriend), Becky (stuck up cow) and Jo (likewise).
I have a hangover from drinking a lot of Taboo and I may have food poisoning from eating too many lentils. Alles klar.
Here's a gig review.
WHO: Deftones
WHERE: London Wembley Arena
WHEN: 19th September 2003
WITH: Gina and Aidey
SUPPORT: Revolution Smile and A Perfect Circle
SET: There wasn't one
BEST BITS: Chi doing Max Cavalera's bit on Headup; whenever they played anything off the first two albums; Chino and Chi arsing around between songs; phoning Jack during Change In The House Of Flies; Chino stopping My Own Summer so that a fan could be rescued from the pit (he has a habit of doing this), which was really sweet of him
WORST BITS: Some of the stuff from Minerva was a bit boring, but the lamest in general was we couldn't find Wembley and due to times not being what we thought they were and being at Aidey's mum's for too long, we missed A Perfect Circle!!
COOLEST PERSON: Chino - see above. He is very sexy in real life, although having said that we were seated and pretty far from the stage
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN? Yes, and I would like to see A Perfect Circle. They played London a week later, so luckily Gina got her Maynard fix! If only Tool would come over some time...


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Oct. 20th, 2003 09:30 pm (UTC)
What uni are you at? What are you studying?
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