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Women Love Fest: Day 6

Title: Raspberry Swirl
Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairings: Sakura Haruno, Tsunade, Ino Yamanaka, Rock Lee, OCs
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13, violence and swearing
Written For: womenlovefest
Wordcount: 1067
A/N: I'm working on a series of Naruto fics based on Tori Amos songs. This is the one I wrote for Sakura. It's set in the fanon established in Taming The Wolf.

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Sailor Pluto

Women Love Fest: Day 5

Why do I like Sakura?

Sakura Haruno could be better written, and some of the things Masashi Kishimoto's made her say and do make me cringe, but on the whole, I like her. This is why, in a nutshell.

- She's cute. She has a nice smile.
- She's gutsy and brave. Even in Part 1, when she barely had a jutsu to her name, she still had the guts to take Zaku on.
- She was willing to defend Chiyo to the death, even though they barely knew each other.
- She saved the life of one of my favourite characters, amongst others.
- She became kinder as the story progressed.
- She's the reason Gai is able to fight in the war.
- Despite her generally emotional nature, she can be surprisingly level-headed and effective in a crisis. See the fake Neji incident, for instance.
- She recognises her flaws and tries to deal with them...most of the time.
- She's bright and book-smart.
- She does genuinely care about Naruto, as a friend at least.
- She stood up for Lee when Naruto was mocking him.
- She cheered Naruto on in the Chuunin Exams.
- She's a good support ninja.
- She grew to see Naruto and Sasuke as people, not just ideas or archetypes.
- She's one of the most human characters in the series. She has flaws that many real people have, and she reacts to the bizarre world she lives in in ways that many real people would. Along with Kankuro and Chouji, she's one of the characters I relate to the most.

Women Love Fest: Day 4

There are some things I agree with when it comes to Sakura Haruno's flaws: Sakura is too dependent on Naruto; I don't like how she's still in love with Sasuke despite the fact he tried to kill her (apologies if you ship SasuSaku); she does tend to let her emotions get in the way (although to be fair, she's not the only shinobi who's bad for this - does the name Chouji Akimichi ring any bells?); and she could be downright cruel in Part 1. However, some of the criticism of Sakura is unwarranted and gets way into bashing territory. Off the top of my head, I'm going to list twenty of my pet peeves of Sakura-bashing, and then try and reply to them.

(NB: I'd better warn you that I ship NaruSaku, so there may be some bias. If you're a NaruHina / SasuSaku shipper, don't take my comments personally - I'm referring to the extreme fringe of pairing fandom, not those pairing fandoms in general.)

1. "Sakura is abusive and Naruto should thump her one because she's always hitting him. If you support NaruSaku, you support domestic violence."
2. "Sakura did nothing in the Sasori fight."
3. "It's OK when Naruto chases after Sasuke, but Sakura is a stupid fangirl."
4. "(insert pages of bile about Sakura lying to Naruto)"
5. "Sakura has small tits and looks like a man."
6. "Even Kishimoto hates Sakura, he called her a detestable bitch."
7. "Sakura hasn't done anything in the war."
8. "Sakura is just a medic and no-one wants to see some girl healing people because it's not impressive. She only heals fodders anyway."
9. "I hope Sasuke and Naruto get together so Sakura kills herself."
10. "I hope Hinata punishes Sakura for abusing her man."
11. "Sakura confessed and/or hugged Naruto to get at Hinata, because she knew Hinata liked Naruto."
12. "Sakura should have punched Sasuke instead of stabbing him with a poisoned kunai."
13. "Sakura is a Mary Sue."
14. "Sakura hates Naruto, uses him, and only cares about him when it's convenient."
15. "Sakura is a stupid bitch for screaming for Naruto when Konoha got blown up."
16. "Sakura is a bitch because of what she did to Ino, dumping her over a boy. Therefore I will hold it against her for the rest of the manga."
17. "Sakura was completely and utterly useless in Part 1."
18. "Sakura was a bitch to Naruto when Jiraiya died and shouldn't have yelled at him."
19. "Sakura is ripping off Tsunade."
20. "Sakura's fans are all stupid tards who think she can beat Madara / Itachi / insert overpowered baddie here."

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So there you have it.
Gotei 13

Women Love Fest: Day 2

Is Sakura Haruno a Mary Sue?

One of the criticisms I've often seen of Sakura is that she's a Mary Sue. What's more bizarre is that this comes from the same people who bash her for every little thing she does. Apparently, when Shippuuden happened and Sakura got medical skills and smashy smashy, people were complaining that she was too overpowered. They can rest easy, now that Naruto and Sasuke have their new godmode powers and Sakura is falling far behind. EMS? Rikudo Sennin mode? i'd say that's pretty overpowered. What Sakura got doesn't compare.

I ran her through the original Mary Sue litmus test. I might be an apologist - thank you to Naruku from Narutoforums for coining that term for Sakura fans - but I'm going to be honest here. For obvious reasons, I skipped the parts pertaining to RPGs and fan characters.

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What was that about her being a Sue, again?

Women Love Fest: Day 1

I've decided to participate in the womenlovefest, and the character I've chosen is Sakura Haruno from Naruto. Otherwise known as Failkura, Sakra, Sackra, Suckura, the Pink Banshee, the Pink Roach, the Pink Bitch, Sakura Whoruno, and other delightful names.

First off, here's an AMV I made a while back. The song is I Don't Believe In You by Melys, and the AMV focuses specifically on the Rescue Gaara arc, since that was when Sakura was at her best.


Why did I pick Sakura? Because she is probably the most hated character in Western Naruto fandom, and unlike Sasuke 'Marmite' Uchiha, doesn't have a big enough fanbase to counter all the bashing. Look for art of her on Deviantart and it's more than likely you'll find anti-Sakura art.

Granted, I didn't like her that much at first, and she does do some incredibly stupid things, but the amount of hate she gets is ridiculous, and sometimes downright creepy. There's fanart of her being raped and tortured and killed and humiliated and turned horribly OOC, be it into a screaming, violent banshee who hates Naruto and/or Hinata and goes out of her way to hurt them, or a mindless fangirl who only thinks about boys and nothing else. Ino, Naruto and Hinata are turned into her enemies, when none of them hate her in canon. Every little thing she does is commented on and whined about. Even if she appears in one panel, there will be a bash thread in the Narutoforums Telegrams. And of course, her fans get attacked too, because if we like such a horrible character, there's clearly something wrong with us. Never mind that genuinely evil characters, such as Orochimaru and every single member of Akatsuki, have their own fandoms.

And not only does she get bashed for things she does, she gets bashed for things she doesn't do. She's not a Mary Sue (how can she have a million flaws AND be a Sue? Make up your minds, people). She's not a threat to your Akatsuki or Gaara pairings. She doesn't hate Naruto. She didn't hug Naruto or confess her love to him as a way of getting at Hinata, and if you seriously believe that, you need to 1) take the pairing goggles off and 2) actually read the fucking manga. And oh, how I laughed when people who were calling her evil for killing a comrade had to eat their words when said comrade turned out to be a Zetsu clone.

She is not a complete monster or a raging bitch; however, nor is she a saint. She's a very human and (most of the time) relatable character, and that's why I find her easier to empathise with. She isn't all bad, and does have some likeable traits. I wish fandom would give her a break.

So yeah. Hopefully I'll keep this up all week.

Please note: any bashing comments will be deleted.


Poll #648632 Mortal Kombat

Who was the best Mortal Kombat character?

Jonny Cage
Liu Kang
Sonya Blade
Any of the MK2 lot
Any of the MK3 lot

If you voted for MK2 / MK3 / other characters, which one?

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I have decided to do two university placements as it's going to be a pain in the arse sorting out work in Germany and I REALLY DO NOT NEED AN OVERLOAD OF STRESS. The post-holiday tiredness is really kicking in. I went the gym earlier, reluctantly because the women there make me look and feel like Michelle McManus. Now all I want to do is SLEEP.
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Two bad things have happened.

1) Everton are out of the FA Cup. To be fair, we WERE against Man U and as harry_t_skull said, there was little chance of us winning, but it's still pretty crap that we're out. Oh well. Shit happens.
2) I have found out from Big Rob that that lovely fascist Joe Finnon is standing in Union elections. Looks like the motion didn't fucking work. I cannot believe this has happened. Even though I'm not here next year, I sure as hell do NOT want a fascist on Exec. I don't know what he's standing for, but if he's uncontested, we're fucked. He's blatantly just doing this as a "fuck you" to all of us who campaigned against him. So please, everyone who's reading, DON'T LET THE BASTARD GET IN. Spread the word. We cannot have a Nazi on the Union committees, particularly if Matthew, Ant, Jonny and other minorities get in.
I feel like taking the razorblade to my face. I know it sounds like I'm overreacting, but I feel like this because I am getting more and more disillusioned with humankind by the day. I feel so hopeless and futile. Nothing I do will ever change a thing, the powers-that-be don't care about me or anyone else and what we want, the BNP will get in one day, and I will end up in a death camp. I honestly don't know why the fuck I bother with anything. I'm desperate to talk to Matthew, because he's the only person I CAN talk to about union stuff, but he's not online.
This is the email I sent:
"To whom this may concern,
I know this is probably breaking a lot of rules, and moreover does not affect me as I am on my year abroad, but I'm writing to you because I have just found out that the openly fascist Joe Finnon is running in elections, despite the passing of the anti-BNP motion. It would seem that all the anti-fascist campaigning, awareness raising and people giving up their time to attend the General Meeting was in vain. I know for a fact that there are several gay, Jewish, Muslim and ethnic minority candidates running in this election, and I cannot stress how painful and difficult it would be for them, not to mention the many others students who belong to any of these categories, if a self-confessed Nazi got in.
I am not writing this because I have been told to do so by anyone; I am writing because I am concerned about student welfare, including my own, for as an autistic lesbian who is converting to Judaism, I belong to three groups who the BNP are against. This man infiltrated various groups, befriended and gained the confidence of their members, passed sensitive information on to the BNP - who are notoriously violent and dangerous, despite their claims to be a legitimate political party - and, moreover, bragged about it on the BNP's website. How can we trust him not to do the same again? How can we trust him not to put students' well-being, and dare I say it, their lives, at stake? This university has a thriving international, multi-cultural and LGBT contingent, and we cannot let them be threatened by having a fascist representing them and making decisions over what happens in the Union.
Please, please, PLEASE do something about this. I cannot stress this enough.
Yours sincerely,
Lotte Holmes"

Gran's funeral tomorrow. Mum's put the programme together, as no-one in our family is religious it will not contain hymns, just poems and stuff. G-d give me strength.
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Fuckity fuck fuck fuck I HATE EXAMS

To get my mind off l'Histoire, I'm going to post some lyrics. Enjoy. This one's called I'm Finding It Hard To Be A Socialist.
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I'm aware this could piss some people off on here, so I'll explain: it's not a diss on ALL lefties, just on the anti-Semitic, po-faced, narrow-minded thick bastards in Swizz. Although some of them are rather nice. It's also not a diss on ALL protests - big ones like the George Bush one in London are fair enough, but honestly, how the fuck is arsing around on the steps of Manchester University student union going to change things? Particularly the way Swizz do it. If the Labour Students or Jewish Society joined in, they'd tell them to fuck off. They are aggressive, rude, amateurish and closet-minded. No wonder people hate lefties so.
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